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About MagicTomato

Sustainably Magic !

Ethical and fresh groceries delivered to your home

Get the best from local artisans delivered to your door

Our mission is allowing you an easy access to food prepared by our local MagicArtisans using a responsible model. With MagicTomato, you will never find industrial or frozen food.

We offer a large selection of high quality fresh products, they are delivered by MagicTomato the same say. These products are selected for their authentic taste and their artisanal fabrication process.

With our short supply-chain, we can deliver in record time while eliminating a maximum of the food waste and plastic packaging. It's Magic !


A SuperHero from Suisse Romande

"After numerous attempts at trying to find the time to do my groceries in local artisan shops, a solution came to me, I simply needed Super-Powers to collect the best products from local independent artisans and deliver them in a sustainable way the same day. MagicTomato was born !

Since 2016, thanks to him, we can easily eat well while having a positive impact on our region; his main objective. If he can continue his daily mission it's because of the help from his tight-knit community of MagicAvores who are eager to eat authentic and local food. THANK YOU !"

Paul Charmillot
Creator of MagicTomato

Your MagicTeam in action

A passionate team at your service
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Creator of MagicTomato

An award-winning concept

Our unique system combining the digitalisation of short procurements and a local approach allows us to be among the best and most innovative Swiss companies in logistics. MagicTomato joined Fongit, an incubator for technological start-ups and had the honor to receive the Swiss Ethics Prize of 2019.

Your SuperHero in the news

"in food retail,
the current success story
is called"
"…being able to decide at the last minute
while not having to sacrifice quality
is a strong argument"
"Finalist of the Sustainable Start-Up
award of the newspaper Le Temps"
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