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Our SuperPowers

Make your life easier

1- sur-mesure.png
Local tailor-made groceries
Choose your fresh products,
it's 100% customizable and
prepared by our artisans.
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Free same-day delivery

For orders before noon, your
MagicTeam delivers the same night.
Choose your time slot in the menu.

Loaned reusable bags
Receive your groceries in bags
lent free of charge (value 15.-/bag, 20.-/iso)
that guarantee cool temperatures.

Mission freshness

4- artisans.png
The best local artisans

Fresh products selected for their
superior quality from the
best artisans of your region.

Made to order

Your groceries are prepared the same day
with fresh products for your order.
Our products have never been frozen.

6- en 1éclair.png
Speedy delivery
In the entire Geneva canton
and La Côte until Gland,
MagicTomato is at your home right after
the preparation phase.

Delivery with a peace of mind

Our team who do the magic

Everything is available
All the products you see on
MagicTomato are available.
It could happen that the artisan has
an unexpected shortage, however,
we always find a solution.
No need to be home

In case of absence or according to your
instructions, we leave the groceries
in insulated bags guaranteeing the food
stays cool, in front of your door or
in a safe place.

No hidden fees
Delivery is free (minimum CHF 60.-).
The bags are lent (free of charge) and
exchanged at each delivery. In case you
want to take a break, we come
to collect them at your door.

The power of sustainability

Objective 0 waste
We eliminate up to 99% of food waste
as well as plastic packaging
thanks to our lean supply-chain,
our reusable bags and our
responsibly sourced product offering.
11- soutien.png
Support local artisans

We re-allocate the largest share
of the amount of your order
to local artisans which allows them
to pursue their activity and
perpetuate their know-how.

Fair prices
We offer fair prices for the
MagicAvores AND our MagicArtisans while

maintaining our activity.
For this reason, you will not find
discounts on MagicTomato.
14- livraison électrique.png
Eco-friendly delivery
We reduce our carbon footprint by
delivering in electric vehicles
and cargo-bikes. An additional
saving is that you don't need
to use your car to do your groceries.
Equitable remuneration

We have put in place a fair salary
policy for all members of
your MagicTeam who among
other things prepare and
deliver your groceries.

16- b-corp.png
B-Corp certified
We look for more than profit.
We want to have a positive impact
on society and our planet with
the objective of becoming
carbon neutral by 2030.
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